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About Me

TL;DR: Sports, Internet, Magic, Food, Technology, Sales, Coaching, Investing, Startups

..and now on to some rehashed text I wrote 15 years ago..

An engineer and an MBA by educational qualification made me stay in a hostel for 6 years and are responsible for the diverse interests and activities that I indulge in. The lush green campus during undergrad and the enthusiastic peers at B-School made me continue being actively involved in sports, both playing (something which I miss now!) and watching. Though my engineering days kindled my interests in gaming, it died soon after and is now limited to watching PubG/BGMI gameplay videos at times.

My other fascination is the Internet. This again was developed thanks to the 24-hour Internet access at college when internet itself was a luxury. I loved surfing the web which is my prime source of information for almost everything. Not to forget, my likeness for coding and Internet together were responsible for my stints in Web Development which was not only about coding, but also gave me another utility for one of my favorite softwares - Adobe Photoshop, which I love to play around with. Continuing with technology, I would say I really appreciate the products and services by Apple and Google. My current fascination, as is evident from the genesis of this page, and is a hot topic worldwide is AI and by extension Cloud platforms. While I can go on and on, but I don't want to bore you, so if you are keen, hit me up and I'll be happy to chat!

And that is pretty much about me :)

Career Ladder

..some more rehashed text..

I have spent my formative years in the capital of India, New Delhi where I completed my schooling in the year 2004. Electronic gadgets, especially Computers always intrigued me. I always wondered how electric current makes such a machine do whatever I ask it to do. This is what made me pursue my Engineering in Information and Communication Technology and while the courses in engineering gave some respite to the curiosity about gadgets, I developed fascination about software programs and the Internet. Alongside this, I developed fondness for the advertisements I saw all around. This bent of mind took me to pursue a career in management.

I then stepped into my corporate career in 2010 as a traveling salesman and traveled around the country for ~5 years spending my professional formative years in the FMCG-Auto industry at the lubricants major Castrol where I worked on marketing projects designing Mechanic Loyalty Program, structuring and implementing trade marketing offers and executing BTL campaigns for the brand refresh activity of the biggest CVO brand (CRB). This was followed by stints across North and South India where I was leading sales teams and was responsible for P&L delivery & profit maximization through growth for the workshop business.

It was end of 2014 when Internet businesses were mushrooming all around and aiding to consumer convenience. Some of them grew big! This is when I joined Snapdeal and enjoyed an extremely fulfilling, roller-coaster ride in the dynamic and explosively growing e-commerce industry. I was responsible for generating revenue by providing customised and innovative marketing solutions in line with brand objectives for brands across FMCG, Fashion & Sports categories by monetizing properties on Snapdeal and jointly utilizing external marketing vehicles.

While the growth in internet penetration was a big metric to chase for the world, what this also brought along was the increasing need and opportunities for businesses to be present online. I moved to Google in 2016, and was responsible to help the next set of businesses make the transition to Digital. I, along with my team, consult and cultivate strong relationships with CEOs and CMOs to build sustainable digital marketing strategies that enable them to meet their marketing and business objectives.

Overall, more than a decade of experience across stints in sales and marketing that have enabled me to hone my skills in people management, business development, account management, channel management, customer engagement, business forecasting, strategic planning, creative storytelling, negotiations and objection handling.

Journey so Far

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